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Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade

Sparkling watermelon lemonade recipe – an easy and refreshing summer drink! Sparkling watermelon lemonade – a light summer drink that tastes like a treat! This recipe is simple to make, tastes incredible, and is way healthier than many summer drinks Ingredients to make watermelon lemonade All you need to make this watermelon lemonade is: watermelon …

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Healthy Peach Smoothie Recipe

Healthy peach smoothie recipe made with just 6 ingredients. Wholesome, delicious, and full of good for you ingredients. Time for another smoothie recipe that tastes like dessert but is healthy enough for breakfast! Those are my favorite kind of smoothies. This peach smoothie recipe is only 6 ingredients and you can make it year round …

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Peach Moscato Slushies

Peach moscato slushies made with simple ingredients – these are so delicious! Sometimes my job description involves coming up with a new alcoholic slushie recipe and photographing it at 10 p.m. on a Friday night…and I’m totally ok with that! Last night I created these peach moscato slushies and was genuinely surprised that they turned …

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Watermelon White Wine Slushies

Watermelon white wine slushies – the perfect watermelon alcoholic drink to cool off with this summer! I cannot get enough of watermelon this year (what else is new, right?) From watermelon alcoholic drink recipes (like this one), to watermelon detox water, I am sipping on all things watermelon this summer. Today’s recipe features moscato wine …

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Watermelon Detox Water Recipe

Healthy and refreshing watermelon detox water recipe – perfect for staying hydrated this summer! Watermelon is my life blood in the summertime. From frozen watermelon lime coolers to watermelon white wine slushies, to watermelon lemonade, and watermelon gin slushies, I just cannot get enough! Watermelon is one of those fruits that I simply cannot believe …

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Homemade Sparkling Grape Soda

Easy homemade sparkling grape soda recipe with fresh lime! This homemade sparkling grape soda recipe is a healthy way to feel like you’re drinking real soda without the excess sugar and artificial ingredients. Perfect for New Year’s eve!  The ingredients are simple and affordable. How to make sparkling grape soda Just add organic grape juice …

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