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Healthy carrot cake smoothie recipe. Breakfast? Dessert? It can be either! Get your veggies in with this indulgently delicious smoothie! #carrotcakesmoothie #smoothie #greekyogurt #breakfast #dessert

Carrot Cake Smoothie

This healthy carrot cake smoothie recipe is the perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert! Your sweet tooth will love this delicious and good for you smoothie recipe. Try this recipe or one of my other 10 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes for a delicious and nutrition packed breakfast! Smoothies might just be my new favorite dessert! If you’re …

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Pineapple detox smoothie with cucumbers, celery, lemon, peaches, ginger, and frozen bananas. A healthy smoothie recipe that tastes delicious! #detox #detoxsmoothie #healthysmoothie #vegan #healthyeating #healthyrecipe #smoothie #vegansmoothie

Pineapple Detox Smoothie

Pineapple detox smoothie – a creamy delicious drink full of good for you ingredients.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, it’s no surprise that smoothies are a big part of my life. This pineapple detox smoothie is my latest favorite way to pack lots of goodness into a drink. It’s a close call …

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Strawberry smoothie recipe with fresh strawberries. Perfect for summer! #strawberrysmoothie #smoothie #vegetarian #breakfast #smoothierecipe #healthy #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle

Strawberry Smoothie

Easy strawberry smoothie recipe made with fresh strawberries and simple healthy ingredients. Summer is here and strawberries are so juicy and amazing this time of year! If you find yourself with more strawberries than you know what to do with, this recipe is a delicious refreshing treat that you can make in minutes! While I …

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Healthy peach smoothie recipe with greek yogurt. Perfect protein packed breakfast or dessert! #smoothie #peachsmoothie #greekyogurt #breakfast #dessert

Healthy Peach Smoothie Recipe

Healthy peach smoothie recipe made with just 6 ingredients. Wholesome, delicious, and full of good for you ingredients. Time for another smoothie recipe that tastes like dessert but is healthy enough for breakfast! Those are my favorite kind of smoothies. This peach smoothie recipe is only 6 ingredients and you can make it year round …

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Strawberry watermelon smoothie – so easy and so refreshing! This is the perfect summer treat and only takes a minute to make! #strawberry #watermelon #smoothie #summer #healthy #vegan #smoothierecipe #healthysmoothie

Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

This strawberry watermelon smoothie is a delicious summer drink made with juicy sweet fruit. All you need is only 2 ingredients to make this refreshing drink! Smoothies are one of the best parts of summer in my opinion. With all of the amazing summer produce, the flavor combinations that you can drink are endless! This …

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Frozen watermelon lime cooler – healthy and refreshing summer drink! Made with just fresh lime, frozen watermelon, coconut water, and pure maple syurp. #frozenwatermelon #watermelondrink #summerdrink #healthy #coconutwater #lime #watermelonlime

Frozen Watermelon Lime Cooler

This frozen watermelon lime cooler is a healthy and refreshing nonalcoholic summer drink! Every summer comes around and I just can’t get enough watermelon. You can probably tell I’m watermelon obsessed, as this is my third watermelon drink in a row! Watermelon is by far my favorite summer fruit and I could easily go through …

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Healthy blueberry pie smoothie recipe with greek yogurt and rolled oats. A breakfast or dessert full of juicy blueberry flavor! #healthy #blueberrysmoothie #blueberrypiesmoothie #vegetarian #greekyogurt #lemonzest #glutenfree

Blueberry Pie Smoothie

Blueberry pie smoothie – a sweet tooth drink for breakfast or dessert full of juicy blueberry flavor.  When I first handed Robbie a glass of this smoothie, he took a sip and said it tasted like blueberry pie. I made this last night for a late night snack for all of us before Crosby went …

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Skinny Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

It’s finally October, which means that chances are your newsfeed is blowing up with all things pumpkin. Pumpkin recipes are one of my favorite ways to celebrate the beginning of fall. I’ve been dreaming in pumpkin lately and even sent my hubby out to buy 8 cans of pure pumpkin in case there was a …

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Healthy pumpkin pie smoothie recipe – tastes just like the classic dessert but WAY healthier for you! #pumpkinpie #healthypumpkinpie #smoothie #pumpkinpiesmoothie

Healthy Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

This healthy pumpkin pie smoothie tastes like a slice of cool, creamy, pumpkin pie. Top with whipped cream and enjoy this simple and delicious treat! This creamy healthy pumpkin pie smoothie is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the flavors of fall without the calories that come from over indulging. Fall is one of …

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