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Barbeque Tofu Pizza

A couple weekends ago, Robbie and I flew into Florida for Mother’s Day weekend. We got there on Friday and had to head home on Monday. Robbie’s family has a tradition of doing homemade pizza night every Saturday. While I just wanted classic veggie & mozzarella, Robbie decided to try making Barbecue Tofu Pizza, since …

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Mushroom and Cheese Hoagies

Copycat Mellow Mushroom Mushroom and Cheese Hoagies recipe. A delicious vegetarian hoagie packed full of flavor! Today’s recipe is inspired by one of my favorite places to eat: Mellow Mushroom. Although I’ve only been there two or three times, I’m in love. I wish we had one where I live! They have since discontinued this …

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30 Minute Vegan Mie Goreng

Learn how to make delicious Indonesian Vegan Mie Goreng at home. Use ramen noodles, kecap manis, sweet chili sauce, and coleslaw to make this deliciously addictive dish! Last week, I finally got around to making Mie Goreng for the first time by myself. My Aunt and Uncle were missionaries years ago in Indonesia and brought …

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Vegetarian Lavash Pizza

This vegetarian lavash pizza is made with a crispy crust and fresh mozzarella cheese! Lavash pizza is my favorite way to make pizza. Who doesn’t love fresh, homemade pizza? Last summer, my husband and I wanted to make some homemade pizza and saw lavash (which looks similar to tortillas) at our local health food stor and …

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Honeymoon Breakfast Sandwiches

These vegetarian breakfast sandwiches are simple to make and taste amazing! Top a piece of your favorite bread with some sliced cheese, an egg, and fresh juicy tomato slices. Honeymoon breakfast sandwiches is what I’m calling this simple and delicious breakfast dish. On our honeymoon, my husband and I stayed in a condo in St. …

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Pumpkin Spice French Toast

This pumpkin spice french toast is a fall favorite. Perfectly spiced and topped with butter and maple syrup, it’s the perfect autumn breakfast recipe! Pumpkin spice french toast is what your fall is missing.  It’s so easy to make, and has all of your favorite pumpkin flavor! How to make pumpkin spice french toast Combine …

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