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green smoothie in a glass with a straw

Citrus Kale Green Smoothie Recipe

How to make the best kale green smoothie recipe with citrus fruits. Even if you are a green smoothie skeptic, you will be sure to love this easy beginner friendly recipe.   This kale green smoothie is the most delicious of green smoothie recipes.  Filled with feel good ingredients that will leave you feeling revitalized and …

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Fresh raspberry peach lemonade recipe made with lemons, raspberries, peaches, water, and maple syrup. Naturally sweetened and delicious!

Fresh Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Fresh raspberry peach lemonade recipe made with lemons, raspberries, peaches, water, and maple syrup. Naturally sweetened and delicious, this makes the perfect summer drink! This fresh raspberry peach lemonade is a delicious way to cool off this summer summer! Made with fresh raspberries and peaches, it is full of fresh fruity flavor.  This lemonade is …

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Ginger peach detox smoothie recipe with fresh cucumber and lemon. Packed full of healthy ingredients, naturally vegan, and so refreshing! #healthysmoothie #detoxsmoothie #gingerpeachsmoothie #vegan #smoothierecipes

Ginger Peach Detox Smoothie

This ginger peach detox smoothie recipe is full of good for you ingredients. A delicious way to get your smoothie habit kicked off! I polled you guys on instagram a few weeks back, and a lot of you said you would love to see more smoothie recipes! Up until now, I haven’t posted many smoothie …

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Vegan burrito bowl recipe with homemade fresh corn salsa and guacamole. Better than chipotle and so fresh and delicious! #vegan #burritobowl #meatless #chipotle #mexican #dinner #vegetarian #mealprep #dairyfree #guacamole #cornsalsa

Vegan Burrito Bowl

Vegan burrito bowl recipe with fresh corn salsa and homemade guacamole. Chipotle has long been one of my favorite healthy takeout restaurants, but anyone who has been knows just how quickly the price can increase on a burrito bowl with all the fixings, plus guac and chips! Even with the price tag, Chipotle has my …

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Watermelon detox water recipe with cucumbers and lemon #detoxwater #watermelon #watermelondetox #watermelonwater #vegan #drinks #healthy

Watermelon Detox Water Recipe

Healthy and refreshing watermelon detox water recipe – perfect for staying hydrated this summer! Watermelon is my life blood in the summertime. From frozen watermelon lime coolers to watermelon white wine slushies, to watermelon lemonade, and watermelon gin slushies, I just cannot get enough! Watermelon is one of those fruits that I simply cannot believe …

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chocolate almond butter cups

Almond Butter Cups

Almond butter cups recipe made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Naturally gluten free and dairy free! Every time I make my vegan peanut butter cups, they disappear so fast I can’t even keep up! Since that recipe was so well loved, I decided to make a similar recipe using almond butter. These chocolate almond butter cups …

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Quick and easy roasted mushrooms recipe. Perfect healthy side dish! #sidedish #roastedmushrooms #vegan #meatless #mushrooms #dinner #vegetables

Easy Roasted Mushrooms

Easy roasted mushrooms made with olive oil and simple spices. Quick side dish recipe! Easy roasted mushrooms are a healthy and simple side dish recipe. It’s no secret that I’m a mushroom lover. If you’ve followed many recipes on my blog, you would know just how much I love mushrooms! They are definitely one of …

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Easy vegan quesadillas recipe packed full of protein and flavor. No meat, no dairy, no vegan cheese! It's a Mexican favorite gone vegan! #vegan #quesadillas #meatless #veganmexican #veganquesadilla #dinner #recipes

Ultimate Vegan Quesadillas

Ultimate vegan quesadillas recipe without cheese or vegan cheese. Just plant based deliciousness! Flavor packed and protein filled quesadillas without meat in them. Meet the ultimate vegan quesadilla: made with simple plant based ingredients, packed full of “cheesy” flavor without the use of fake cheese, and guaranteed to make you want seconds! Did anyone else …

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