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25 Best Vegan Recipes

25 of the best vegan recipes!

Everything you need to make delicious vegan meals.

Whether you’re doing Veganuary, or just looking to incorporate more meatless meals, this has everything you need to get started!

25 of the BEST vegan recipes - everything from vegan breakfast to vegan desserts, vegan dinners, and more! #vegan #bestveganrecipes #dairyfree #vegetarian #veganbreakfast #vegandinner

Best Vegan Recipes

Here are some of the very best (and easy) vegan recipes.

Whether you need vegan stir fry recipes, vegan dinner recipes, or vegan desserts, we have you covered!

Click any recipe link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the printable recipe card.

1) The Best Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Becky says: “You are right! These are the best breakfast burritos! The hash and the sauce were both yummy on their own and I was afraid I would taste so much of them there would not be enough to put together. But – assembled- they are simply heavenly!!!
You are now my “go to” breakfast burrito fix. I am headed to check out more of your recipes. Thank you!!!!”

best vegan recipes - The BEST vegan breakfast burrito recipe with simple vegan breakfast hash you’ll ever try! Made with scrambled tofu and crispy vegan breakfast hash. #veganbreakfastburrito #veganbreakfast #vegan #breakfastburrito

2) Stir Fry Vegetables

Stir fry rainbow vegetables cooked to perfection.

Kathy says: “I followed your recipe and it was delicious! You nailed it! I will make this again and again!!!”

best vegan recipes - Stir fry vegetables recipe – with homemade stir fry sauce. This is amazing and has so much flavor! #stirfryvegetables #stirfry #stirfryrecipe #stirfrysauce #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree #dinner #dinnerrecipe

3) Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Liz says: “These are the best cookies I have ever had in my life! I could barely keep myself from devouring the dough. Thank you so much for sharing!”

best vegan recipes - The best vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe - so chewy and rich, you would never guess they don't have any eggs or dairy in them! #vegan #chocolatechipcookies #dessert #dairyfree #eggless #cookies #healthy

4) Vegan Pasta Salad 

Easy and flavorful vegan pasta salad in an olive oil dressing.

Tons of fresh veggies add crunch and flavor!

best vegan recipes - Vegan cold pasta salad recipe – this was AMAZING! So much flavor and really easy to make. #vegan #pastasalad #vegetarian #sidedish #summer #meatless #dairyfree #healthyrecipe #veganpastasalad

5) Vegan Burrito Bowl

Chipotle style vegan burrito bowl with homemade guacamole and fresh corn salsa.

So flavorful and packed full of protein and good for you ingredients!

best vegan recipes - Vegan burrito bowl recipe with homemade fresh corn salsa and guacamole. Better than chipotle and so fresh and delicious! #vegan #burritobowl #meatless #chipotle #mexican #dinner #vegetarian #mealprep #dairyfree #guacamole #cornsalsa

6) Vegan Banana Muffins

Have some extra bananas to use up?

Make these wholesome and yummy vegan banana muffins for a quick breakfast or snack.

best vegan recipes - Healthy and easy vegan banana muffins recipe with applesauce – these are amazing and totally oil free! No flax eggs or difficult ingredients. So easy and a great vegan breakfast or snack. #veganbananamuffins #veganbreakfast #vegan #breakfast #healthymuffins #healthybananamuffins #veganmuffins

7) Vegetable Bolognese Sauce

Kristy says: “I just made this for my kids. They loved it and so did I. So much flavor! Super easy to make, also. We don’t eat meat and this was a fresh new recipe.”

best vegan recipes - Vegetable bolognese recipe made with mushrooms, carrots, celery, garlic, and onion. A delicious meatless vegetarian "meat" sauce recipe. #vegetablebolognese #vegan #vegetarian #bologneserecipe

8) Vegan Quesadillas

Emy says: “Delicious! My kids ate two and asked for them for lunch the next day!”

best vegan recipes - Easy vegan quesadillas recipe packed full of protein and flavor. No meat, no dairy, no vegan cheese! It's a Mexican favorite gone vegan! #vegan #quesadillas #meatless #veganmexican #veganquesadilla #dinner #recipes

9) Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Nina says: “This is the single best peanut butter cup I have ever tasted. I changed absolutely nothing about the recipe, and everyone who tries them also says they are the best. My boyfriend is the number one fan of Reece’s cups, but even he told me these were BETTER. I have been telling everyone I know to come to your website and try this amazing recipe. Thank you!!!”

best vegan recipes - Vegan chocolate peanut butter cups – better than Reese’s! #healthy #vegan #chocolatepeanutbuttercups #dessert

10) Best Green Smoothie Recipe

Say goodbye to the days of choking down a boring green smoothie, this one is so fresh and flavorful that you will crave it!

best vegan recipes - The BEST EVER green smoothie recipe made with kale, ginger, oranges, lemon, frozen banana, frozen peaches, and water. A ridiculously good for you delicious green smoothie that the whole family will love! #greensmoothierecipe #vegan #kale #drinks

11) Vegan Chicken Salad

McKensie says: “DELICIOUS!! love this recipe! I’m not a grape person so I subbed with diced and peeled apple. I ate it on wheat bread, highly recommend! I will be making this recipe again, thank you Joy!”

Vegan chicken salad with grapes and pecans. This is so good! I am obsessed! #vegan #veganlunch #veganmealprep #veganchickensalad #meatless #vegetarian #vegandinner #veganchicken

12) Vegan Portobello Fajitas

Mushrooms are the star of these vegan fajitas.

The filling is so good you’ll want to eat it straight from the pan!

best vegan recipes - Easy 30 minute vegan Portobello fajitas made with meaty Portobello slices and roasted bell pepper and onion. A healthy and delicious dinner ready in just half an hour! #vegan #portobello #portobellofajitas #glutenfree #dinner #glutenfreevegan #veganfajitas

13) Broccoli Tofu Stir Fry

Maren says: “Oh my god, this is AMAZING!! I was looking for something to use up some broccoli and tofu I had lying around and came across your recipe. I just made it for me and my sister and we are in foodie heaven!”

best vegan recipes - Broccoil tofu stir fry – so easy and tastes amazing! #broccoli #tofu #stirfry #stirfrysauce #vegan #dinner #dinnerrecipe #stirfryrecipe #tofubroccoli #garlictofu

14) Famous Crispy Potato Casserole

This potato casserole is my “famous” side dish.

Super crispy potatoes slow roasted to perfection!

This famous crispy potato casserole is SO GOOD! Perfectly crispy potatoes slow roasted to perfection. One of the best vegan potato recipes! #potatocasserole #vegan #veganpotatorecipes #dinner #potatoes #healthy

15) Sweet Potato Smoothie

This sweet potato smoothie tastes super indulgent, but is full of good for you ingredients.

Breakfast or dessert, this will be your new favorite!

best vegan recipes - Sweet potato smoothie recipe (vegan) – this tastes like dessert! Really good – I would make it again. #sweetpotatosmoothie #sweet potato #smoothie #dessert #breakfast

16) Broccoli with Garlic Sauce

Bring the flavor of takeout to your kitchen with this classic favorite!

Broccoli stir fry recipe – this is so easy to make and the stir fry sauce is only 3 ingredients! Tastes just like takeout. #broccoliwithgarlicsauce #stirfry #stirfrysauce #broccolistirfry #vegan #vegetarian #sidedish #chinese

17) Homemade Refried Beans

Trina says: “Loved this, so simple and easy! I use it for breakfast burrito’s all the time. Thanks!!”

best vegan recipes - How to make refried beans (5 minute refried beans recipe) - so easy and I make these all the time! #refriedbeans #easyrecipe #mexican #homemaderefriedbeans #vegan #vegetarian #dinner #dinnerrecipe

18) Tofu Scramble

Craving scrambled eggs?

This scrambled tofu is so full of flavor and a hearty protein packed breakfast.

best vegan recipes - Tofu scrambled eggs with bell pepper and mushroom. This tastes amazing and was really satisfying! #tofuscramble #vegan #breakfast #veganbreakfast #meatless #dairyfree #eggfree

19) Vegan Breakfast Hash

One of my all time favorite vegan recipes!

Cathy says: “Delicious! I do believe this is going to become a staple in my house!”

simple vegan breakfast hash - recipe via @buildyourbite

20) Easy Meatless Spaghetti Sauce

Mushrooms are the star of this flavor packed vegan spaghetti sauce!

best vegan recipes - Easy meatless spaghetti sauce recipe made with mushrooms, garlic, and onions. A delicious “meaty” vegetarian spaghetti recipe. #meatless #spaghetti #vegetarian #meatlessspaghetti

21) Vegan Creamy Tomato Shells

This recipe is another delicious way to enjoy vegan pasta.

Homemade creamy rose sauce is so delicious!

Creamy Tomato Shells are the ultimate vegan comfort food. Made with whole wheat pasta, and naturally creamy thanks to cashews and almond milk. You won’t believe how good this tastes! #vegan #creamsauce #creamytomatoshells #veganrecipe

22) Healthy Chocolate Milkshake

You’ll never guess the secret ingredient that makes this chocolate milkshake so creamy!

Feel good about this indulgent but healthy dessert.

best vegan recipes - Healthy double chocolate milkshake recipe made with just 5 ingredients. You won't believe the secret ingredient that makes it so creamy!

23) Enchilada Tofu Burrito Bowls

One reader said: “This is the BOMB. i’ve literally made this 3x including right now. so delicious!!!”

best vegan recipes - Easy enchilada tofu burrito bowls with homemade guacamole and salsa. Bring chipotle to your kitchen with this delicious recipe! #vegan #burritobowls #tofuburritobowls

24) Easy Vegan Stuffing

Need a holiday side dish?

This vegan stuffing is perfect for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas!

Chelsea says: “Just made this recipe for Thanksgiving and it was amazing! Thank you so much, definitely my favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast.”

Vegan Stuffing for Thanksgiving - #vegan #stuffing #thanksgiving #veganrecipe #vegetarian #thanksgivingstuffing #glutenfree

25) Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Made with dairy free milk and butter, these vegan mashed potatoes are always a favorite.

Ultra creamy and delicious!

best vegan mashed potatoes recipe with almond milk. This is so easy and tastes amazing! We make this recipe every year. #thanksgiving #vegan #vegetarian #mashedpotatoes #veganthanksgiving #thanksgivingrecipe #veganmashedpotatoes

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25 of the BEST vegan recipes - everything from vegan breakfast to vegan desserts, vegan dinners, and more! #vegan #bestveganrecipes #dairyfree #vegetarian #veganbreakfast #vegandinner

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