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Thanksgiving Recipes

Ritz Cracker Broccoli Casserole Recipe

You can’t go wrong with this classic favorite broccoli casserole recipe for Thanksgiving. Creamy broccoli and mushrooms are topped with sharp cheddar cheese and crushed ritz cracker topping! Helloooo comfort food!  This broccoli casserole recipe is where it’s at.  If you are in need of a last minute side dish for your Thanksgiving menu, you …

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Funeral Potatoes (Cheesy Potatoes)

Easy and delicious Funeral Potatoes (Aka Cheesy Potatoes) recipe. This simple casserole is made with southern style hash browns, two kinds of cheese, greek yogurt, butter, cream of mushroom and topped with a crunchy corn flake topping. The perfect side dish for any holiday, party, or gathering! While Mashed Potatoes are a Thanksgiving potato dish …

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Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream

The best delicious mashed potatoes with sour cream recipe. Use the perfect blend of sour cream, milk, and butter to make these perfect mashed potatoes! A holiday side dish that everyone will love. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, or just dinner time, these sour cream mashed potatoes are always a hit at the table!  …

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The Best Vegan Stuffing Recipe

This amazing vegan stuffing recipe is packed full of flavor and the perfect texture! A plant based recipe that is guaranteed to impress everyone this Thanksgiving. Simply substitute a loaf of your favorite gluten free bread and this stuffing is both gluten and dairy free! Today I am sharing my ultimate favorite vegan stuffing recipe …

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Easy Cranberry Sauce (3 Ingredients)

This easy cranberry sauce has been on my Thanksgiving table every year for years. Once you taste this recipe you’ll never buy the canned stuff again! All you need is fresh cranberries, maple syrup, and salt to make a healthy and tasty cranberry sauce. This healthy cranberry sauce is a traditional favorite every year at …

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